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July 12, 2018  

Episode 42 - why real change is important in the SMSF sector

July 12, 2018

The shift in the SMSF sector has been happening for some time, but the impact of the super reforms amongst a range of other issues has magnified the focus for professionals to consider real change in their practice more than ever before.  In this week's episode 42, Aaron talks about the need for real change within the SMSF sector and how this forms the basis of his reason for creating this year's Future of SMSF survey.  

Change is coming from all directions - some of it in response to the outcomes from the Royal Commission and ASIC's focus on the quality of SMSF advice.  Add to this the efficiency focus impacting SMSFs from the Productivity Commission's initial report into Superannuation competitiveness, ASIC's revised funding model that has impacted the costs borne by approved auditors and the fast paced change occurring with technology, you can start to understand why things are changing and how it is important that as professionals we help shape the sector for a smarter smsf future.

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