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June 27, 2018  

Episode 41 - Our tech stack

June 27, 2018

We get a lot of praise and questions from people about how well we have embraced cloud-based technology in our business to deliver solutions for our clients.  In many ways, it not what we have that has built success, but what we did with it that defines us.  As we head into the launch of this year's Future of SMSF survey, Aaron 'lift's the hood' in this week's podcast (episode 41) to share some of the tech stack (applications we use) within our business.  He shares what is used internally within the business to manage tasks, opportunities and performance everyday, along with the client-facing tools that help deliver the products and services.

There were mistakes along the way, changing applications and continuing to learn and understand what was right to help the business succeed.  Aaron shares some of these stories and helps you to identify what may be important for you in a modern practice building a truly cloud-based solution for your clients.