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February 9, 2018  

Episode 31 - Living your brand in a smarter way

February 9, 2018

This week is a watershed moment, with the rebrand of The SMSF Academy into Smarter SMSF.  Any brand decision you make is an important one as it represents who you are and want to be, in particular in the eyes of your customer.  In episode 31, Aaron is joined by Darren Taylor, Managing Director of Taylor & Grace who has worked exclusively to develop the brand that is now Smarter SMSF.  They discuss in this podcast:

  • the rebrand journey - helping to find your 'why' and what you want the brand to stand for;
  • building a brand model; and
  • what it really means to live your brand

This session talks about the journey to Smarter SMSF, but importantly will help you to understand the key ingredients for you business to live your brand everyday and in everything you do.