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January 9, 2018  

Episode 28 - 8 things to focus on in 2018

January 9, 2018

As we hit the ground running in 2018, the year ahead provides plenty of opportunities for practitioners to contemplate with their SMSF clients (and clients more broadly).  This time of year is traditionally full of optimism as we assess our goals, what we would like to achieve and put in place action plans to go out and achieve them.  All sounds good in theory anyway, right?

In this week's episode, Aaron talks about the 8 key things to focus on in 2018 - many of these items are discussed not only to relate to you, but Aaron discusses how he is utilising these key focus areas himself within his business as we advance into the year ahead and beyond.  He provides some personal challenges for you and things you need to put some real prioritisation into to ensure that you have a successful 2018.

So, what are your key focuses in 2018?  Tell us through social media via @thesmsfacademy